An improvement to on-site visits

I have always said that on-site visits really are the best way to conduct training.  

The reasons?  Everyone is gathered together, no distractions, no multi-taking.  Group dynamics breed questions, someone asks a question that then sparks another and another.  Being face to face I am able to see body language.  Perhaps a break is needed.  Seeing the "Light bulb going on" when a person "gets it" or a look of confusion that tells me that I need to approach the situation from another angle.  

None of those is possible with remote training.

But, on-site training has some costs associated with it.   The session fee, travel costs and participants not being at their desks all day.  So what many agency managers want to do with on-sites is cram as much as they can into the day.  Their goal is to get as much "value" during the visit. I understand this, but it is seldom the most productive!

I am now being a bit more "force full" and encouraging managers to let me schedule in practice time after each topic.  This is where we head out to the desks and each person practices what we just did in the group session.  I typically have to put my jogging shoes on and bounce around to each persons desk to coach and remind them of what we covered in the group session(s).  

The goal is for the agency to gain more value from the visit, not just hit more topics.  This really does work and provides much more benefit to the agency.  I am also looking at some bundling plans which would include follow up visits and remote "check up" sessions as part of a package.

What can be done during a visit?  Click On-Premises Services or Projects  for ideas.

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