On-Premises Services can be anything the agency needs, some suggestions:

  •                  Live week “triage”
  •             Pre/Post-Migration training
  •             Feature adoption
  •             "File Less” processing
  •              Front-End scanning
  •              On-Demand scanning
  •              Download 
  •             Workflows
  •                 Commercial Lines
  •                 Personal Lines
  •                 Benefits

See the Projects page for more ideas.

One of the advantages of live training is that I can actually see the “lights go on” or “dazed and confused” looks on the faces of the participants.   This means that I can stop and re-enforce or present the concept in another way until the participants all “get it”.  Many people tend to multitask during web sessions or have other distractions that prevent absorbing all that is presented.

Another advantage is that I can watch a person working at their desk and present them with alternatives that remove obstacles or questions.

Before scheduling sessions an agenda is developed with the agency so that everyone knows what the game plan is beforehand

On-Premises Services