Dana Coates

United Western Insurance Brokers, Pasadena CA

"Mike has a lot of experience and knowledge of AMS360 systems.  He is also willing to customize his lessons and teaching so that they best fit the agency he is working with."

Gary Krigbaum

Wilson Paves & Associates Insurance Agency, Bakersfield CA

"Michael has done a superior job for us as he is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest trends in the subject. He not only knows the subject matter but expounds on it and makes it easy to learn. He knows all phases of Insurance agency operations and takes important workflows and turns them into easy tasks. I would recommend him for any of your internal operations consulting.."

Sherry Wakley

Commercial Management Insurance Services, Inc. Yorba Linda CA

"We were recently put in contact with Michael. He has helped us in increasing AMS360 productivity in all areas. He is committed to helping find the best solutions for your agency and is a pleasure to work with."

Laraine Badilla

Fallgatter Rhodes Insurance Services, Bakersfield CA

Michael Trouillon at Insurance Agency Automation Associates has been an absolute Godsend to our agency. We met Michael at a Golden State Chapter meeting and immediately knew we had a lot of work to do to get our AMS360 data cleaned up.

Over the years, we’ve relied on Michael to teach us what we didn’t know to ask. We knew we needed help and he was able to educate us on the various reports that needed to be processed monthly in order to cross examine our financials.

We’ve hired Michael to come in to our office for one on one training but have also utilized his services through webinar training. Both options were cost effective since we always get more for our buck with Michael. I cannot imagine moving forward without his occasional guidance to keep us on track. We are very happy with his services and would recommend them to anyone interested in utilizing AMS360 to its fullest potential. 

Noel McMurray

ISU Insurance Services, The Professional Solutions Agency, Irvine CA

"I have known Michael for ten plus years in him working with our firm's team, specifically covering the area of Mgmt. Info. Systems. 

Aside from troubleshooting successfully through the challenges and complex never-ending system upgrades, (esp. w/AMS-360) Michael is a highly knowledgeable, patient trainer who has a great and positive attitude coupled with a professional approach. 

His interactions with our staff are always been welcomed and I personally believe that stems from his passion for what he does. 

Additionally, I have always found Michael to be a known, liked and above all a trusted advisor and as such, I am glad to recommend him"