Travel Estimates

To help estimate the travel costs and lodging you can use the following information and visit the providers websites.


Travel - I typically fly Southwest out of either Burbank (preferred) or LAX.  If Southwest does not service your local airport then United and American are the second/third choices.

Preference is for a direct (non-stop) flight when possible.  If a connection is necessary I target no less than a 90 minute layover.  There are a few exceptions for this Example if connecting via Chicago and it is storm season then I might want a longer layover to account for expected arrival delays.

I target having a 2-hour plus commute time window on the return flight (if I am able to leave the agency at 5pm sharp, and it takes an hour to get to the airport, then I look for flights no earlier than 8 pm).

Lodging – Hampton Inn’s or similar style of hotel is my preference.  When possible, I try to stay in a Hilton group (Hampton is a Hilton group) properties. 

Ground Transit – If a rental car is necessary, I select either Enterprise or Thrifty.   Class is Intermediate/Standard for Enterprise.  Compact/Mid-Size for Thrifty. 

In areas where mass transit is available or where there are parking issues, I frequently prefer this and Uber/Lyft over a rental car. Another option is for a member of the agency team to pick me up and drop me off at the airport and between my hotel and the agency.

Meals – estimate $30.00 per day.  This is factors in that hotel includes breakfast and agency providing lunch for days of sessions.  ​ 

Estimated travel expenses are billed and payable in advance of travel.   The agency always is afforded the opportunity to pay via their own credit card if that is desired.