Do you or others have a feeling that team members are not following agency procedures? 
But how do you validate these feelings?

We all have these feelings.  We can use certain AMS360 reports to help validate or invalidate these feelings. Additionally, we can use these same reports to find weaknesses in our workflows and procedures/processes.
This applies either on a individual (or team) basis or across the entire agency.

I did a similar session for the NetVU Large Agencies Chapter in January 2015 and it was met with a tremendous approval.  Everyone who participated gave very positive feedback.   The NetVU session was an overview.

This session will focus on how you can use various standard reports to review compliance either on a individual (or team) basis or across the entire agency. We will actually run these reports in your own AMS360 database, so that we will see your actual data.

At the end of the session you will receive a list of reports and what to look for in them.

Some basic Excel skills are helpful, but not needed to attend this session!

Who Should Attend?

Managers/Supervisors/Owners or any person tasked with:

  •            Procedure Compliance
  •            Procedure Development/Assessment
  •            Quality Control/Assurance
  •            Training
  •            Employee Assessment

Cost is just $250.00 per session - up to 5 connections.
You can have as many people viewing each connection as you like. This will be a 2 hour session.

Workflow Compliance Audit-Private Webinar