Development of Procedures Manuals is a comprehensive process. 

We start with a visit to your agency where meetings with each team member are used to determine:

  • Features currently implemented
  • How those features are utilized
  • Features not currently implemented
  • Which other tools are being utilized
  • This includes other software packages
  • Agency structure
  • Departments in use        
  • How managed
  • Agency culture, philosophy and goals

After completion of the visits, notes and information are assembled and integrated into template manual.   Manual includes specific information on each process with focus on AMS360/Platform workflows.  Structure is bullet pointed in order to make usage easier.  Includes specific actions, doc types, suspense, form letters and similar information.  Departments included are commercial, personal, admin/accounting departments.

Manual is then presented for review by management of agency and staff.  Upon acceptance of the manual it is then implemented.

Implementation includes training of workflows and new feature adoption.  At 45-day period a compliance audit is conducted.  This audit is intended to make sure that the new procedures are being followed and if any tweaks to the manual are required.  Second audit is conducted at 90-day period.

Costs of each visit follow the on-premises fee schedule, audits follow the audit fee schedule.   

 The number of days of on-premises visits is determined by the number of staff and departments.


Procedure Manual Creation