New Employee Training

New employee training affects the new employee relationship in a very significant manner.  Second only perhaps to the full on-boarding process 

The training offered to a new employee depends upon that persons current level of use of AMS360 and their role within the agency.

I start with a list of tasks for AMS360.  I speak with the persons manager to select which items that person will be expected to handle and those would be the topics that are to be covered in the scheduled sessions. 

If I did not already have a copy of their procedures, I would get one before the session so that I could customize to match the agencies procedures.  In absence of a manual, I would ask appropriate questions based on what I typically see agencies making their own unique standards.

The length of time and number of sessions would depend on a few factors.

If the person was a recent prior 360 user, we would hit the “highlights”, meaning the fine tuning of the topics selected to match the agency process.   This would usually result in less total time.

If they were completely new to the system, we would dive deeper into the topics.  Which means that the total time is greater.  

If the person was completely new to agency operations, Initial training would be to get them “crawling” in that role.  Meaning mid-level introduction to certain features and workflows.   The next step would be the “walk” level.  This would happen a few weeks in and would be a bit deeper dive into their tasks.  Next level would be the “sprint”, a few more weeks down the road would be deeper into the work flows.  The final level would be the “marathon” and that would be many months, perhaps a year, down the road.  This is the deepest level and it might not be an official process, but would just be their becoming completely comfortable in process and procedure.

For certain workflows I can provide written handouts that include screenshots of what I train.