Migrations, whether they are from a Vertafore system (AFW, Prime, Instar etc) or another vendor represents a substantial expenditure of time, energy and revenue.  Even the smoothest migration has road bumps.  The goal is to mitigate those road bumps and allow your staff to focus on your clients.

One way we help you do this is to act as your guide through the process.  Providing you with information to help you make decisions in moments.

Process includes:


Assembling the building blocks to efficient workflows

  • ​Pre Migration Data Clean Up
  • Agency & System settings in your Set Up database
  • Pre Migration training
  • Live Week Triage - being in your office to help with any and all needs that first week
  • ​Post Migration feature adoption - these are features that are in AMS360 that were not in old system
  • And much much more!