Assessments & Audits

Workflow Compliance Audits – I take your existing procedures and create a worksheet showing expected waypoints (timelines, action types, suspense, doc types etc).   For each transaction selected (New Biz, Renewal, Endorsement, Cancellation) I will select at least 2 of each transaction from different customers. Typically I will look for transactions that occurred during different time periods.  Additionally for Renewal and New Biz I will look for 1 customer that is a single policy and another that is multiple policies.  This is done in order to make sure that procedures are being followed for both small and large customers.
The worksheet is then presented to managers in a live web session.  Typically this process takes 30-45 minutes per person per transaction selected.   Presentation meeting is included.

If agency does not have formal procedures, audit will be conducted using reasonable “best practice” standards.

This tool can be used to confirm adherence to standards/procedures, disciplinary or to determine where training is needed or beneficial.

System Usage Assessments– This tool reviews a list of system settings and features.  I access your system and review these settings as well as pull several reports.

This tool is typically used to determine what settings to change, which features are not being used and where training can benefit the agency.

 Results are presented to agency via live web meeting, this meeting is billable.  All reports created are provided to the agency for future use.

Candidate Assessment – Add this tool to your hiring process.  Via a web meeting candidate is presented with a series of tasks in agency's training database.  A report is presented advising the candidates familiarity with AMS360 processes.